Fiction Shelving

Ideal for spine out book display.


Ideal for spine out book display.  To customise your selection please contact one of our friendly Area Managers to assist with selection. Available in all standard Metal Shelving Colours.

Example shown above is of a Double sided free standing shelving bay in Dead Matt Black. l x 3 bay double sided static unit l .6m H with Sx25cm Bookshelves and l x25cm Dust cover per bay.

To create this Bay of Shelving, the following components are required …

  • A 4×826 Post 1600mm H double sided
  • B 3×939 Joiner pair
  • C 30×89225 Flat shelves, 250mm
  • D 6×963 Dust cover, 250mm
  • E 10×857 Deluxe End Brackets pair for flat shelves 250mm
  • F 2×978 Bay End Brackets for Dust covers pair 250mm
  • G 20×86 l Intermediate Brackets each for flat shelves 250mm
  • H 4×973 Intermediate Dust cover Bracket 250mm each

Available Liminates
Show Fiction Shelving Components
A Post

Choose single sided for against a wall or double sided for free standing. Includes height adjustable floor glides.

B Post Joiners

Joins shelving posts at the top and bottom. Clip lock design for easy construction. 133 Hx896 Wx6 3 D mm Joiner (top and bottom)

C Flat Shelves

Flat shelves for storing books in spine-out format. Brackets required. Each. 896mm W

D Metal Dustcover

Dust covers protect books from dust and light and provide a neot, finished look.

E Deluxe End Brackets

Flat shelves for storing books in spine out format. Brackets required. Each. 896mm W

F Metal Dustcover Bay End Bracket