G D Goenka Public School, Indore

About This Project

To create a campus library which should be reflection of Goenka Schools, bright To attract kids yet subtle for adults. It should serves as an engagement centre for students which allow them To explore world through digital media & coziness To connect with self.

Project Needs & Challenges

For Junior kids close comfortable lay down play area which binds them together and can clearly supervise by adult. Reading area for adults & teachers, flexible shelving, computer carrels and book return system with circulation desk.

Solution Provided

  • Special corner for kids with dedicated shelving along with long custom made bright colored stepped seating.
  • Mobile shelving with timber bayend panels & dust covers special dove grey color
  • Zone for teachers & adults to access variety of source with special computer carrels
  • Book return to facilitate after hours returns

Team Civom is dynamic, responsive and creative. In the ever changing educational landscape,they not only surf the crest but willingly pushed boundaries in the library space.

- Ms. Sonam Agrawal, Director, Director - GDGPS, Indore.

Project Name

G D Goenka Public School


Indore, India

Class room, Computer Lab, Library