Design & Product Consultation

Every element is chosen carrying in mind a flow of flexibility, evolution, adaptiveness, customization and collaboration. From product specification, layout, design and quotation, our collective process will ensure a result personalized to your space.

Product Selection

Our offerings are aimed at adding real meaning to your space. Cohesive materials advance functionality and also help create a stimulating interior. To aid this, we offer:

  • Extensive product selection supporting your preferences to fulfil functional and psychological requirements.
  • Color, fabric and finish selection supporting space style, philosophy and pedagogies.

We think... then we make, so that you can move forward.

Layout & Design

The design process begins. The most creative routes are explored to derive the most compelling layout and design options. Here’s what happens during this phase:

  • Pre-design collaboration amidst interior designers and design experts.

  • Ideation on the basis of information collected.

  • Movement mapping considering passages, emergency exits, structural elements and user experience.

  • Product and solutions particularised considering every parameter of assessment.

  • 2D layouts, 3D renders and walkthroughs are created for space visualisation and exciting solutions.


The quotation process provides a definitive expectation of what costs will be incurred and ensures that your overall project does not sway from your budget. It includes the product pricing, any charges for transportation, delivery and installation with the local and national taxes.

  • Product pricing based on plans is provided for ready-to-install or customizations for entire projects.
  • Cost of transportation and freight charges are determined to ensure all goods reach sound and safe in economically best ways at the right destination.

  • Delivery costs are incurred according to the needs and complexity of the project.

  • Break up of installation costs for every aspect of the project is also included in the quotation.