Requirement Analysis

We help you assess your present infrastructure, uncover your goals, and outline your requirements to offer effective solutions.

We think... then we make, so that you can move forward.

Need Evaluation

The foundation of our entire process is understanding your needs and what is important to your community and the resources available at your end.

  • Understand your Vision, challenges, priorities and preferences to find the ideal solution.

  • Define space requirements considering users and work peaks.

  • Reasonable project timelines are estimated in advance.

  • The most robust solution according to your budget is crafted.

Space Perlustration

A physical inspection of the space lets our experts develop ideas for new layout and design.

  • Architectural drawings and premises compatibility are studied.

  • Power survey, site survey and digital imaging is conducted.

  • Existing inventory furniture is considered in case of partial renovation.

  • Eventual analysis and holistic plans are prepared considering the unique needs of the project.