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Tools that help enable a range of pedagogies,
from direct instruction to a more collaborative
and independent learning activities.

Adaptive Learning Spaces

Little change in seating brings an enormous change in learning


Our Impact

  • CAMPUS K, Chennai

    Campus K, Chennai is designed to be a prototype learning environment that eschews traditional teaching methods and instead confronts the contemporary challenge of preparing children for jobs that don't yet exist. It is also been thought with the awareness that early childhood is the vital brain development age and the spaces must work as the agency to support the exploration and engagement need of the curious age.

    Space as agency to future of learning
  • KIIT University, Bhubaneswar

    Central Library, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar is a project that results from the expansive vision of its founder to provide a world-class library that not just supports the technology and trends of this period but the user behavior of the future works force. This is the place to be on the university campus.

    A vision for the future workforce
  • IIM, Ahmedabad

    Vikram Sarabhai Library of IIM Ahmedabad is one of the prestigious restoration and renovation projects of the country by SnK Architects. The project outcome is a hybrid model to foster use cases not limited to traditional library uses. Mobile, lightweight, and flex ranges are to offer a high level of shift as per need. The shelving and BEP range is to offer lightness and openness to the environment.

    Hybrid learning modalities amidst the heritage building
  • Parul University Library, Vadodara

    Parul University Library, Vadodara has been thought to break the first boundary of inviting users to the library, the first concept plan was thought to bring warmth & welcome, then sustain users with strategic provisions of display of contents that are meaningful to their career choices. The learning hubs are created by combining the greatest elements of the real and digital worlds.

    How to create welcoming libraries?


    Mr. Bhavesh Gandhi
    Co.founder Polymath School
    Bhiwandi- Mumbai

    Looking forward to transformational classrooms we went ahead with CIVOM because they really understand progressive education, and they really know how 21st-century educational Schools Should Look Like.

    Divyanshu Patel
    President, Parul University,
    Vadodara, Gujarat

    Feedback from student, parents, and teachers have been wonderful, they are very much satisfied with the setup done by Civom. The team at Civom has a fantastic aesthetic sense of infrastructure and space planning.

    Late Dr Anil Kumar
    Librarian, IIM
    Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    We are very happy we partnered with Civom for our Library renovation and upgradation project. The team has worked minutely on the furniture style, color, combinations, and finishes and has created a wonderful ambiance. This definitely stimulates the teachers and students who visit the library and have seen that eventually, people have started spending more time in Library.

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